Book Review: The Justified Sin By Harpreet Makkar

The Justified Sin is the story of one guy and three girls. Jay is the protagonist of the story who gets involved with three girls Saloni, Prachi and Varsha, at different stages of his life and under different circumstances. He lived in solitude despite being with his love. He was surrounded with girls but none loved him truly. Harpreet Makkar has penned down a beautiful story with engaging plot; one cannot put down the book without finishing it in one go. It is full of twists and turns, that created suspense till the end. Language used in this novel is simple. Title is captivating, and a little poetry has added flavor to the story.


Book Review:Heart Of Bullets by Nikhil Kushwaha

Nikhil Kushwaha has penned down this heart-touching story beautifully, which shows the lives and fates of two soldiers; their friendships and their past. He has eloquently depicted the life of a soldier; how he fights for his country as well as for his personal relations. All we are bothered about, after a war is that, who turned out to be victorious and who was defeated, but never think that who suffered and to what level. This book, The Heart Of Bullets is about the sufferings of the soldiers in the battlefield, as well as their battle in dealing with the people connected to them personally. The book is gripping till the very end. The language used and the choice of words is marvelous. Apart from minor typos, this book is awesome. The Heart Of Bullets

Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

Life is moving at a fast pace nowadays. People don’t want to pause even for seconds and wait for the things they want to get. People don’t have time to go to theaters for watching movies every weekend with family, as every member is a working member these days. And due to workload, sometimes they have to work on weekend as well to finish the pending projects. So it becomes so hard to spend time with family and go out for shopping or refreshments. And keeping in mind the busy schedule of people many apps came into existence to help them out. Some of the examples of such apps are flipkart, amazon, eBay, etc. And in place of going to theaters people think to save time and download movies from bittorrent, etc. And for the music many apps for downloading songs are also there, some of the examples of music apps are mp3skull, etc. Now come to school students. For writing assignments given in school, students need a deep information about the subject matter they have to write projects on. For that purpose google is there. But what if all the apps are available but a very slow internet network? Half of the time will be wasted in loading the pages and when loading a page will take so much time then forget that such network is going to help you download anything.
To help people out airtel thought to bring a network which is very fast, and wouldn’t bring a pause in ones life. Airtel 4G is launched to help people in their daily life, it helps in fast downloads of movies, songs, and searching locations.
What if you go to an unknown place and need to search some locations but as you try to google a location and your slow network keeps on loading the page, then you will end up returning home without completing your work: frustrated and irritated. So, airtel 4G is a blessing to help you out in searching locations at a very fast speed, completing your project and returning home victorious. Just think, if you have to shop anything from amazon or flipkart, but your network disappears as you open the app, and you feel irritated with half loaded pages. Airtel 4G will load the shopping apps fast and you will feel happy for not wasting your time in loading pages. What if you are a student and have to submit the project in two days but you don’t have a fast network then you would have to go to the cyber cafe and wait in the queue to get your project material from internet. Airtel 4G would help you out in making your project by not letting you wait for the pages to download slowly.
Therefore, Airtel 4G is a blessing in this fast life which helps you in your daily life.

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The Song Of Love


Lets walk through the silent alley;

Leaving the footprints of our love,

Where, the wind would dance with joy,

nudging the trees to show,

the fondness we have,

for each other.

We would be surrounded by nature;

stars would twinkle,

and moon will throw light,

on the deepness of our emotions;

then with one hand,

clouds would cover the eyes of moon,

letting us enjoy some moments of privacy.

When afraid of darkness,

I would embrace you with both my arms,

Then crickets would sing in chorus,

the song of love.

Unbreakable Tie

When, At night,
clouds crowded the sky, 
She stealthily came closer to him;
Embraced him from behind,
As she was too shy to look into his eyes, friends
And confess her love.
He drew her in front;
Her heart sank with fear,
he kept drawing her near;
Her heart skipped a beat,
As he came closer to her lips.
She wanted to deny,
As her fear didn’t allow her,
He sealed her lips with his;
And Silenced her with a kiss.
Their emotions overflowed,
Breaking the barriers of shyness;
And tied their souls,
Into an unbreakable relation.


Her love for life, The-Importance-of-the-Afterlife-Seriously-By-SAMUEL-SCHEFFLER
Was lost;
As they asked her,
To close her eyes,
Towards her dreams:
her heaven,
And opened the door,
Of their demands,
Turning her life into hell;
And her soul burned,
In the fire,
Of their demands,
Her passion.
They reduced her to corpse:
Senseless and cold.

The Smell Of Her Hairs

They had,
A bitter exchange of words, e6efb229c1a0205adb2841c5ab009546
And turned their backs,
To each other;
And sat there,
with anger.
As the wind blew,
It swayed her hairs,
On his face,
Absorbing the sweat,
on his brow,
And brought a curve,
on his lips:
His senses,
Were mesmerised,
With the smell of her hairs,
And it drew him closer,
to her.
He wished to whisper,
Something in her ear,
ended up,
kissing it.
And they burst into laughter.

My Pen Is My Key To Happiness

Happiness is that emotion which helps us to rejuvenate life among the hopeless souls. A person might fake laughter but inner happiness radiates through eyes and brings smile on lips. Inner happiness is gained through the activities that we love to do, not with the things that are compelled on us. People find happiness in various activities. Some find it in buying new gadgets, some in shopping clothes and footwear and few find it in late night parties. Different people, different choices and so are different reasons of being happy. Being home sick, I find happiness in totally a different thing. For me happiness is, writing poems or to say I find happiness in writing poems. When the world is fast asleep, words enter secretly in my mind at the moonlit nights, with quick silent steps, not awakening anyone from sleep, except my thoughts. My mind enlightens with those words and feelings, and seems that they are dancing in harmony on some melody. And sentences sew each word as pearls in necklaces: simple and beautiful. When I write, I forget the things happening around me, and feel like the muses are singing a symphony, bringing peace to my mind and my heart fills with happiness. Though I may appear, a single soul with a single desire, but I live various characters through my poems; sometimes a beloved who is awaiting the arrival of her beau, sometimes a victim of superstitions, sometimes, a darling sister or daughter, and sometimes a lonely soul which is wandering around people in search of peace. Poems help me to play each role sincerely and perfectly. Poems refresh my mind and bring happiness to my soul. Life is like the tangled ringlet of hair, and poetry is the comb which untangles it and soothes the head. Poetry is like the heavy rainfall that brings hope to the barren land, fills the cracks and helps in rejuvenation. It’s the best of best friends that helps me to bring out truest feelings from heart without the fear of what people would think; and converts my stories, into beautiful narrations. Sufferings are like clots and poetry is like the release of that collected blood. Thus for me, writing poems gives me immense pleasure and happiness; happiness, which radiates through my eyes and illuminates my soul.

To conclude:

When late at moonlit nights,
The world falls asleep,
And loneliness resides,
And I find no one,
Lending their ears,
To my stories of life:
Sadness, laughter, and mirth.
My emotions get engraved,
In my heart;
Obstructing my happiness,
Burdening my soul.
Then comes,
In quick silent steps,
The words and rhymes,
To which muses dance delightfully.
When my pen bleeds,
My heart is released,
Of all the captivities of loneliness,
In writing poems,
Immense happiness,
I find.

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When, The blanket of your arms,
wraps me,
in the warmth of your love;
the intensity of our emotions, kristen-stewart-robert-pattinson-love-couple-t2
never lets cold,
to enter between us;
the warmth of your kiss,
runs like current in my veins,
bringing spark in my eyes,
and enlightens my heart,
with love;
when your fingers caress my head,
my stress releases,
with each untangled ringlet of my hair;
when my ears,
feel tired,
of hearing complaints,
your voice soothes them.
no matter,
who enters my life,
or who leaves;
but your existence,
in my life,
brings happiness, and peace.

Compliment to my completeness

When someone walks in your life, bringing joy and love with every step he forwards towards you, that person is the best person you could ever have in your life. Though I never dreamt of any prince charming, that he would come in the most expensive car, and I would watch him coming inside my house from my balcony; adoring his looks and his car. This always appeared too filmy to me. I always looked for a person who is realistic and never does senseless romance. Yeah, senseless romance, when a lover loses all his logical ability and talks about bringing moon and the stars to his beloved, is a completely senseless romantic. The person, who doesn’t have wit, can’t take away my heart even a little bit. Such guys are totally intolerable. So I preferred staying single than to be loved by a romantic fool. And wasn’t even waiting for anyone to fill that gap which normally girls talk about, I didn’t have any gap to be filled. My life seemed complete, because I didn’t need any person to complete me because I was not born half, that I would need anyone to complete me. Yeah, God never sends anyone incomplete; he is not like us humans. If someone comes in your life, if he is worth to be in your life, he would be a compliment to your completeness; and the one who leaves you in the mid of your journey, he is a disgrace to his own mother.

People say unexpected things either fill your life with happiness or they reduce it to sadness. In my case, the unexpected entry of that gentleman, filled my life with happiness and put an end to all the sadness surrounding my life. A guy walked in my life, and my life was filled with happiness and love, with each step he forwarded towards me. I never thought the person who was a great friend of mine, would start loving me secretly. And one fine day, I met him. No it wasn’t our first meeting, because we had been great friends and used to meet often. He asked me to join him in lunch, if I had time to come. I went there, and to my surprise, that restaurant didn’t look as it used to, every other day. Yes, it was decorated with flowers. And as I entered, rose petals were showered at me like the rain. Then I went near my friend, and said that they might have mistaken me as any other girl. He smiled and said, “I have asked them to do it for you, because I love you and to be by your side, my entire life”. I was shockingly surprised, but that day was the best day of my life. He is a compliment to my completeness and fills my life with hope and optimism, and now we are happily living #together.

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